Pennsylvania SPCA to Transfer Montrose Shelter to Local Group


Community Support and Funds Needed

The Pennsylvania SPCA will transfer the Montrose animal shelter to a team of local residents, announced Pennsylvania SPCA CEO Susan Cosby. The shelter will be renamed True Friend’s Animal Welfare Center and will be under the management of a new board of directors.

Over the past two years, the Pennsylvania SPCA has stabilized the operations at the Montrose facility and increased animal adoptions. “The community has been tremendously supportive of the shelter, and we are grateful for that,” said Cosby. “In order to optimize the operations, we believe now is a good time to turn over the shelter to a group that is locally based and better understands the needs of the community and could continue the positive trends. After several months of discussions, we believe that True Friend’s has the compassion and commitment needed to make this transition successful.”

“True Friend’s objective is to build on the success the Pennsylvania SPCA has achieved and to expand operations by providing regular educational programs and other activities that increase community involvement,” said Dory Browning, President of the Board of Directors for True Friends. “Our organization hopes to involve surrounding communities to work together on our common goals. We are passionately driven to make True Friends a non-profit organization our area can be proud of.”

The plan calls for the Pennsylvania SPCA, which owns the facility, to lease the building and grounds to the new organization for one dollar. It will also provide support and guidance to the newly formed management group to ensure a smooth transition. The Pennsylvania SPCA, headquartered in Philadelphia, has found that transitioning some of its distantly located shelters throughout the state to local management teams is a successful model for the long-term financial sustainability of the facility.

“To continue the goal of providing high quality animal welfare in our area, we will need all-encompassing community support,” said Browning. “As a non-profit start-up organization, True Friends is in immediate need of substantial financial donations.” True Friends has partnered with The Community Foundation of Susquehanna and Wyoming Counties to help manage its finances.

Those wishing to support this initiative and ensure a safe facility for the animals, can send their tax-deductible donations directly to The Community Foundation at 270 Lake Avenue in Montrose, PA 18801. Donations will be used to support the immediate daily operating expenses including food, vaccinations, and shelter for the animals, and to establish a permanent endowment fund which will provide long-term annual support. For more information about this endowment, please contact The Community Foundation at 570-278-3800 or at Please visit True Friend’s Animal Welfare Center at For more information about True Friend’s, please contact Dory Browning at 570-280-6726 or Julia Fagan at 570-280-6639 or E-mail at