Philadelphia City Council Passes Bill Regulating Horse Ownership


On Thursday, Feb. 21 Philadelphia City Council passed a bill sponsored by Councilman Bill Greenlee that regulates private ownership in the city.

“The Pennsylvania SPCA applauds the passage of this bill which puts long-overdue and much needed regulations in place governing the keep of these animals,” said CEO Jerry Buckley.

Because of the lack of regulations regarding horse ownership in the city, in the last several years alone the Pennsylvania SPCA has rescued more than 100 horses from unsanitary and unsafe conditions where they are living in backyard stables, weed and trash filled lots or wandering neighborhoods. Unregulated horse ownership also negatively impacts the neighborhoods where horses are kept.

The Pennsylvania SPCA , which was founded in 1867 by businessmen concerned with the well being of horses in Philadelphia, has long advocated for this change. “Philadelphia has been one of the nation’s few large cities without a law governing the keeping of horses,”  Buckley said. “We believe these new rules will save animals from neglect and improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.”