Information Sought Regarding Kitten Set on Fire


(Philadelphia — April 25, 2013) The Pennsylvania SPCA is seeking information regarding a kitten found Thursday on the 3100 Block of F Street near McPherson Square Park that appears to have been intentionally set on fire.

“The black and white male kitten is approximately 4-5 weeks old and is burned over a third of its body, primarily on the head and back,” said George Bengal, Director of Law Enforcement. “This is a horrendous act of cruelty to inflict on a helpless animal.”

According to Bengal, the Pennsylvania SPCA was notified by local citizen who came across the injured animal. A humane law enforcement officer brought the kitten back to the Pennsylvania SPCA headquarters where veterinarians administered medical care and pain medications. It was transferred to a rescue partner to receive intensive care for its injuries. Veterinarians are hopeful that the kitten will survive.

The Pennsylvania SPCA is obtaining a search warrant to obtain video footage from a local business in the vicinity. Anyone with information should call the Pennsylvania SPCA Anti-Cruelty Hotline 866-601-SPCA.