About Us


The Pennsylvania SPCA was the second humane organization to be founded in the United States. While you might think that all “SPCA’s” are related, actually they are not! What makes the Pennsylvania SPCA so special? We are so much more than a shelter. Throughout the years we have been dedicated to improving the lives of Pennsylvania’s animals through our core programs including:

  • A humane law enforcement department that responds to situations of animal cruelty and neglect
  • An animal shelter to house the animals we have rescued and
  • A low-cost veterinary clinic providing medical services to clients in the Philadelphia region

Our humane law enforcement department is one of the most active in the country. Our officers have full police powers to enforce state anti-cruelty laws. Each year they rescue thousands of animals from difficult and dangerous conditions. Surprising to many, although our humane law enforcement has police powers, it does not receive state or local funding to operate. The heroic work our officers perform 365 days a year is all thanks to donors like you. Read more about our humane law enforcement department here.

Without our animal shelters to house rescued animals while they recover from neglect and abuse and wait for a new home, thousands of animals could not be saved each year. We strive to provide all of our sheltered animals with a wide range of enrichment and rehabilitation and training when needed.

Unlike many other shelters our headquarters location is open 365 days a year for adoptions. We don’t want any animal to miss a chance at finding a loving home! Volunteers assist with walking, bathing, training and loving the animals who are in-between homes.

Our veterinary program is extensive and includes a public clinic, a spay and neuter clinic, a feral cat surgery clinic and a shelter medicine & forensic medicine program. Veterinary student externs come from across the country to work in our headquarters facility and experience the challenges of a high volume, urban animal shelter.

While our veterinary clinic provides low-cost services to the public, our shelter animals receive care in our shelter medicine hospital. These patients are truly *charity cases* as the medical care they receive is entirely donor funded. They have no owner to pay the bill, they are relying on donors like you to help them get better. Our staff veterinarians and nurses provide loving care and we work cooperatively with rescue groups across the region to transfer animals who need additional care and rehabilitation, so that we can continue to accept new animals and save lives.

We recognize that spaying and neutering is the first step in preventing cruelty – preventing unwanted animals. Our low-cost spay and neuter clinic staff sterilizes more than 20,000 animals annually. They are responsible for preventing tens of thousands of litters each year!

Our behavior staff works with animals in the community, providing training classes and advice to keep pet owners happy and pets in homes. They also are responsible for providing fun and excitement for shelter animals including playgroups (for dogs), toys, treats and games. Their goal is to make each animal’s stay as comfortable as possible.

There are so many exciting ways the Pennsylvania SPCA improves the lives of animals, we are so much more than just a shelter. Please come and visit for yourself – we’d love to meet you!