Promotions and Adoption Events


Happy adopters find the latest addition to their family at a Monster Pets sponsored PSPCA adoption event.


Thanks for your interest in adopting a new forever friend. Below are some of the current adoption promotions we are running at the Pennsylvania SPCA.  Please stop in to one of our three locations to visit all of the furry friends in need of a new home.  

Can’t make it into the shelter? Visit us at on of our offsite adoption events. Click here to view our events calendar to find an event near you!

Adoption Promotions 

Seniors for Seniors
All adopters aged 65+can adopt a cat aged 6+ for free! Below are some of our senior kitties looking for their new home!

Second Chance Cats
Give a cat with litter box issues a second chance and receive 50 percent off your adoption fee! Allow the cat a chance to adjust for 30 days and if the cat is still not using the litter box, bring the cat back and we will credit your fee towards a new adoption. Below are some Second Chance Cats who would like another shot at their furrever home.

Click here to read why some cats might not be using their litter box.

Seniors for Seniors

Second Chance Kitty Cats