Rescue Partnerships


Due to the nature of Humane Law Enforcement, sometimes the animals we save from abuse and neglect need care beyond what we can provide.  Our shelter hospital provides high quality care, but it is not an emergency or referral facility.  For those animals who need highly specialized medical attention such as orthopedic surgery, animal rescue partners are able to step-in and provide that service.  Rescue organizations help us meet our mission by allowing us to focus on the animals we can save, and know that the animals in need of extra medical attention are being cared for.   We are proud to work with a number of  local and national rescues and are always looking for new partners.

Interested in become a rescue partner?  
Wonderful! To get started, please print and fill out the following application, then either scan and email to our Shelter and Rescue Coordinator Kate Potter at , or fax (Attn: Rescue) to 215-426-5848.

PSPCA Rescue Partner Application