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Owner of Grace Kelly House Loses Animal Cruelty Appeal



The Pennsylvania SPCA today announced that the owner of Grace Kelly’s former East Falls residence lost her appeal of an animal cruelty conviction in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Thursday.

Marjorie Bamont, 82, who was convicted in absentia of 14 counts of animal cruelty in December, has been ordered to pay $7,000 in restitution to the Pennsylvania SPCA and is prohibited from animal ownership for a period of 42 months, or 90 days consecutively on each count.  The Court ordered Bamont to forfeit her dog and 12 cats to the PSPCA.  Two of the forfeited animals already have adopted homes lined up.  The Court did allow Bamont to regain custody of two of her cats, but also allowed the PSPCA to make regular inspections of the cats to ensure that they remain happy and healthy.

The PSPCA charged Bamont with unsanitary conditions and failure to provide veterinary care for her pets in October.  Bamont failed to appear at her trial in December and was convicted in absentia and sentenced to more than $700 in fines and court costs, over $10,000 in restitution, and prohibition of animal ownership for forty-two (42) months, pending appeal.  Bamont appealed and appeared for her trial today, pleading no contest.  Pennsylvania SPCA officials testifed to the conditions of the animals and of the house itself.

“Today’s verdict underscores that sometimes good intentions become overwhelming and, as a result, the animals suffer.  We are very happy that we have the opportunity to find these animals forever homes where they will receive both the love and the care that they deserve,” said Rebecca Glenn-Dinwoodie, Director of Humane Litigation of the PSPCA.  “Our officers and our forensic team have an excellent track record and we are very grateful for the District Attorney’s office’s wonderful work on this case.”

On October 31, 2013 PSPCA officials obtained a search warrant after spotting a deceased cat inside the East Falls home that once belonged to Grace Kelly. George Bengal, Director of Humane Law Enforcement, reported that there were feces all around and the home was infested with fleas. PSPCA officers seized one live dog and 14 live cats, one of which suffered renal failure due to severe anemia resulting from flea bites.

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Phillies pup rally a success!

Oscar, a PSPCA adoptee! He remembers us even after 2 years!

Dogs and owners gathered to support the Phillies and two adoptable dogs found forever families!

On this perfect spring day, Phillies fans brought their dogs to Schuylkill River Park for the annual Pup Rally.  Tomorrow is the season opener and, to help “paint the town red,” canine Phils fans enjoyed a Pup Parade, photos with the Red Phanatic, giveaways from the Phillies Ball Girls, and a chance to meet some of the PSPCA’s adoptable dogs and cats.  Decked out in Phillies gear, from jerseys to red tutus, dogs competed for the title of “Best Dressed Pup.” One contestant, Oscar, turned out to be a PSPCA rescue! We were very pleased to see him doing so well with his new parents.  The prize went to a tiny terrier, appropriately named Utley, sporting a red hoodie, Phillies cap, and funky shades. The Phillies will be glad to know their canine supporters have so much spirit! Two PSPCA pups, Snoopy and Cat Woman, found their forever families at today’s event and will be going home very soon!

The PSPCA thanks the Phillies, the Friends of Schuylkill River Park, and WOGL 98.1 for a phantastic day!

PSPCA talks about upcoming Pup Rally on Fox Fursday!

Fox Fursday-1

Fox Fursday-1Are your pups ready to help open the 2014 Phillies Season?

Bring your dog with you or meet one of our adoptables THIS Sunday at Schuylkill River Park for a fun-filled Pup Rally!  There will be prizes for the best dressed dogs after our Pup Parade, so get Fido into his sportiest Phillies gear! The Red Phanatic and Phillies Ball Girls will be there to celebrate with us. The event begins at 1pm.

View Fox Fursday’s clip about the Pup Rally (AND meet three adorable adoptable pups) by clicking here!

PSPCA plans to charge owner of North Philadelphia cat rescue

Gus 3

Gus 3Animal cruelty charges are pending against the owner of 239 cats rescued from a home in the city’s Frankford section on Wednesday.  The specific charges are still to be determined as the PSPCA continues its investigation. The PSPCA earlier secured an additional 40 cats through owner surrender, making it one of the largest operations in PSPCA history.


On Thursday, PSPCA veterinarians and forensic technicians continued to evaluate each of the cats that had been brought in on Wednesday.

Although the owner has now surrendered many of them, she declines to sign over the rest. Surrendered cats will be made available for adoption in the near future, but PSPCA anticipates many of the animals will remain in its care for at least ninety days, pending court proceedings. PSPCA’s ultimate goal is to find all of the cats good homes once it obtains legal custody of them.


Early Wednesday, PSPCA officers executed a warrant to remove the cats from the combined twin home, where conditions were extremely unsanitary. Ammonia levels were very high and PSPCA reported that there were feces everywhere and litter boxes were overflowing. PSPCA had been encouraging the owner to surrender the cats for the past few weeks and, while she cooperated initially by surrendering 40 cats, she refused to surrender any more.  The conditions inside the home had deteriorated and, to ensure the wellbeing of the animals, PSPCA officers had to remove the rest under a warrant.  For more than 12 hours, they worked to gather the cats and transport them back to the Erie Avenue shelter where they were examined by veterinarians, vaccinated, given flea and tick treatment, and accommodated in PSPCA’s temporary cat shelter.

Man who burned cat sentenced to jail

Campbell-Website-768x1024 (640x584)


The Pennsylvania SPCA today announced that the man who pled guilty for his role in burning a cat named Campbell last November has been sentenced to 11 ½ – 23 months of jail time, 2 years of probation, 7 years of prohibition from pet ownership, and restitution of $2,392. Tyrique Hall, 21, pled guilty after PSPCA charged him with animal cruelty, criminal conspiracy, and possession of an instrument of crime for dousing the cat with accelerant and lighting it on fire last November in Philadelphia’s Olney section.

On November 10, 2013, responding to a tip, PSPCA Humane Law Enforcement rescued Campbell and took him to their Erie Avenue shelter for triage. Authorities arrested Hall and 18-year-old co-conspirator, Jose Sanchez, on November 19, 2013.  Sanchez was convicted last month of animal cruelty and criminal Campbell-Website-768x1024 (640x584)conspiracy and sentenced to two years’ reporting probation on each count, two years’ prohibition from pet ownership, and restitution of $2,400.

“This sentence is a victory not just for one cat, but for all animals that face senseless and horrific cruelty,” said Jerry Buckley, CEO of the Pennsylvania SPCA. “It says that an animal’s life is worthy of protection. Sending Tyrique Hall to jail for his actions is an appropriate punishment that we hope will serve as a deterrent to others. Our Humane Law Enforcement team has a strong track record for investigating and prosecuting cases of animal cruelty and neglect. We are gratified by the court’s decision.”

Buckley added, “We are grateful to the Philadelphia Police Department for their assistance and to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office for their excellent work on this case. The Pennsylvania SPCA will continue to advocate to strengthen animal protection laws while also devoting more resources to humane education, especially for youth and young adults.”

Campbell, who was treated by PSPCA veterinarians for three weeks before undergoing surgery at Penn’s Vet’s Ryan Hospital, has healed very well and has found his forever home with Lt. Steven Paslawski of the Philadelphia Fire Department.




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Cat Shelter 8

Cat Rescue

PSPCA removing hundreds of cats from unsanitary confinement

Pennsylvania SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Officers at this hour are removing hundreds of cats from a property in North Philadelphia.

Early this morning, officers executed a warrant to remove more than 260 felines from unsanitary confinement at a property located at the 1600 block of Filmore Street.

PSPCA has begun to remove the cats and transport them to its Erie Avenue headquarters for veterinary exams, treatment, and shelter.  PSPCA’s ultimate goal here is to find the cats good homes once it obtains legal custody of them.

PSPCA is the largest no-kill animal shelter in Pennsylvania and cares for 400-500 animals at any given time.  To prepare for the arrival of more than 260 additional cats, PSPCA created a temporary cat shelter onsite with cat carriers and other supplies donated by PetSmart Charities.

“This is a sad situation involving a woman who wanted to help animals but got in over her head and couldn’t provide the care this number of

cats requires,” said CEO Jerry Buckley. “We’re doing everything we can to ensure the wellbeing of these cats.”

To make a donation that will help us provide food, medical treatment and shelter for these cats, please click here.

PSPCA veterinarians examine hundreds of cats

PSPCA veterinarians examine hundreds of cats





Recent Humane Law Enforcement work in Lancaster County

Chihuahua in Paradise, PA

PSPCA rescues Shetland Sheepdogs from Lancaster County trailer

Female Puppy with Bilateral EntropionPSPCA Humane Law Enforcement Officer Dylan Heckart responded to a trailer park in Ephrata, Pennsylvania last week, where he found five Shetland Sheepdogs and two cats in unsanitary conditions. The owner, an older woman on a fixed disability income, claimed she could not afford to care for all of the animals, especially those that are special needs pets. Two of the dogs – an adult female and one of her female puppies – suffer from a condition called “bilateral entropion,” which causes pain and damage to the corneas and eyelids and can lead to impaired sight or blindness if untreated.  A concerned neighbor called our anti-cruelty hotline.

 After speaking with Officer Heckart the owner agreed to surrender three of the dogs – the adult male, the special needs puppy, and a second healthy puppy.  Officer Heckart transported them to the Erie Avenue shelter in Philadelphia for evaluation and treatment.  The healthy puppy has been adopted and the adult male and special needs puppy have been transferred to a Shetland Sheepdog rescue organization.

 The owner agreed to seek ongoing veterinary care for the adult female dog and her two cats, as well as maintain a sanitary environment for them in the trailer.  Officer Heckart instructed her to have the dogs examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours and set up appointments for the cats to be vaccinated.  The owner complied, and the veterinarian has provided PSPCA with a copy of an ongoing treatment plan for the adult female dog.   PSPCA will continue to follow up with the owner to ensure her continuing cooperation.

 “This is a great example of how our officers work to educate pet owners and direct them to the resources they need to maintain healthy pets,” said Jerry Buckley, PSPCA’s CEO.  “Not all of our investigations involve deliberate cruelty, and we appreciate opportunities to assist cooperative animal lovers who realize they need help and alternatives such as surrender for the good of their pets and themselves.”

PSPCA rescues Chihuahua from unsanitary rabbit hutch in Lancaster County

Chihuahua in Paradise, PAPennsylvania SPCA Humane Law Enforcement received a report Monday that a small dog was seen confined to an outdoor rabbit hutch on a farm in Paradise, PA.  PSPCA Officer Dylan Heckart responded and observed a male Chihuahua living in a rabbit hutch which was full of waste.  The water in the bowl inside the hutch was filthy.  The floor of the hutch consisted of wire mesh which appeared too wide for a small dog to walk on comfortably, and a wooden board which was covered in waste.

Officer Heckart attempted to educate the owner about the requirements for healthy living environments for pets.  The owner indicated he would not make changes to the Chihuahua’s quarters, and suggested instead that he would euthanize the dog. Officer Heckart then convinced him to surrender the dog to PSPCA. The dog, now named “Berto,” is being cared for at PSPCA’s Erie Avenue shelter in Philadelphia and will be available for adoption.


Puppy Love event raises $10,000 for animals in need

Pictured left to right:  Jerry Buckley, Sue Schlisman, Chris Young,  Emily Smith
Pictured left to right:  Jerry Buckley, Sue Schlisman, Chris Young,  Emily Smith

Pictured left to right: Jerry Buckley, Sue Schlisman, Chris Younge, Emily Smith

Puppy Love, an annual Valentine’s fundraiser sponsored by Sue Schlisman, owner of Philadelphia restaurants Smokin’ Betty’s and Devil’s Alley, raised $10,000 to support PSPCA’s lifesaving work.  Schlisman and restaurant managers Chris Younge and Emily Smith visited the Erie Avenue shelter Wednesday to present the check to CEO Jerry Buckley.

Despite inclement weather, the February 12th event attracted hundreds of animal lovers to the 23rd Street Armory, many bringing their own pets as dates for the evening.  A red carpet, gourmet food trucks, live music, and silent auction added to the fun.  PSPCA adoptable pets participated in a doggie fashion show, impressing potential adopters.

“Sue is a great friend of animals and the PSPCA,” Buckley said. “Working with her and her team is a real pleasure. We are most grateful for this generous donation and the difference it makes for helping animals in need. Partnerships such as this are critical to our success.”
Schlisman raised $8,000 for the PSPCA at last year’s Puppy Love and has also donated food and staff resources to other PSPCA events. She has also adopted two dogs from the PSPCA.