Community Service


Community Service Policy

We welcome individuals who need to complete court mandated community service to do so by volunteering at the Pennsylvania SPCA. Community service volunteers are asked to complete tasks such as dish washing, laundry, and cleaning throughout the shelter. Please make sure you fit the following profile before you apply (note – these requirements do not apply for students seeking to complete community service hours for school):

• Your charge is non-violent and does not involve sexual or animal abuse
• You have at least 20 hours of community service to complete and you are willing to come to a one hour orientation that does not count towards  your community service time
• You are willing to commit to a weekly or monthly schedule until your community service is complete
• You understand that if you do not attend your scheduled community service appointment the slot may be given to someone else
• You are willing to wear a lanyard that identifies yourself as a volunteer of the shelter at all times
• Please contact with any specific questions about your service or charge

Community Service Application