Humane Law Enforcement and Litigation


Fighting animal cruelty and neglect requires dedicated enforcement of Pennsylvania’s anti-cruelty laws as well as prosecution of cruelty cases.  Through Humane Law Enforcement and Humane Litigation, the Pennsylvania SPCA works to prevent various types of animal cruelty, including fighting, hoarding, physical abuse, unsanitary confinement, and denial of sustenance and veterinary care.  In 2013, we investigated 11,135 reports of cruelty or neglect and achieved 131 convictions against abusive and neglectful pet-owners.

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To make an Animal Cruelty or Neglect Complaint, please call 1-866-601-SPCA or complete the following online form:

Thank you for reporting animal cruelty.  Please include as many details as possible to assist us with our investigation. You must include your contact information, which will remain anonymous.

Online Cruelty or Neglect Complaint Form
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