Surrendering a Pet


For a variety of reasons, pet owners sometimes find themselves no longer able to care for their pets and are unable to find them a new home on their own. The Pennsylvania SPCA will offer a Good Home Guarantee for owner surrendered pets and strays that meet certain criteria as space is available.  For a fee, the Pennsylvania SPCA  will find a good home or rescue for the surrendered pet or stray.  If for some reason we are not successful in finding a good home or rescue for the pet, the Pennsylvania SPCA  will contact the previous owner or finder to give him/her the option to reclaim the pet. If we cannot accept the pet, we will explain other alternatives for surrendering the  animal.  The Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly) also accepts owner surrender pets. Visit the ACCT Philly Web site for more information.

Fees for surrendering pets

  • Dogs – $50
  • Puppies – $75
  • Cats – $50
  • Kittens – $75

Good Home Guarantee Questionnaire

Individuals who wish to surrender a pet or stray must first fill  the questionnaire below so that we can obtain as much information as possible about the animal. A staff member will review the information and contact you about next steps. A meet and a greet may be scheduled for you to bring the animal in for evaluation prior to being accepted.  All meetings are by appointment.

Good Home Guarantee Questionnaire
  •   less than 10 lbs.
      10-20 lbs.
      21-30 lbs.
      31-40 lbs.
      41-50 lbs.
      51-75 lbs.
      75+ lbs.
  •   Yes