1867 Society


The 1867 Society, named for the year the Pennsylvania SPCA was founded, is composed of exceptional donors who have shown great foresight and generosity by including the Pennsylvania SPCA in their estate plans. Members of the 1867 Society receive invitations to educational, social and advocacy events, newsletters about the Pennsylvania SPCA’s programs and services, and important alerts about issues concerning animals in Pennsylvania.

If you are considering including Pennsylvania SPCA in your estate plan or have already done so, thank you! We hope that you will let us know about your gift so that we can welcome you into the 1867 Society and to help ensure that your gift can be completed when the time comes.

To let us know about your planned gift or to talk with someone about making your gift, please call our Planned Giving department, at 215-426-6304 extension 265. You may also contact us via email using the form on the bottom of the page.

Thank you to all of the members of the 1867 Society who help save homeless animals for years to come.

Anonymous (17)
Cynthia Best
Lillian Brazin
Gerald Caya
Florence DeRenzis
Gina Blyther Gilliam
Nosta Glaser
James P. Hopkins, Jr.
Marilyn P. R. Kent
Judy Kukula
Linda Letizia-Schmidt
Richard Lindsay
David A. Litell
Mary E. Parks
Christie Rogero
Joyce E. Schaefer
Linda Maria Schmidt
Edward R. Selekman
Hariette Stein
Elisabeth Stewart
Glenda Super
Sandra Wolfe
Gloria Young

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