Gift Planning


Regardless of your circumstances, your age or your financial situation, if leaving a legacy at the Pennsylvania SPCA is something important to you, it is possible through a planned gift.

Planned gifts make a great impact, while also supporting your personal and philanthropic objectives.  You can make a gift through your will, without donating any money now… or a more creative gift that returns an income to you throughout your lifetime. Regardless of the method you choose, you may direct your gift to the area that matters the most to you at the PSPCA.

Various planned gifts have different advantages, such as increased tax benefits or a current income stream:

Gifts That Pay You Income

Remembering the PSPCA in your Will

Donating through your Retirement Plan

Giving Real Estate

Planned Giving Inquiry

If you are an attorney or would like to speak with our Planned Giving department, please contact:

Jennifer P. Welsh

Director, Leadership Giving & Strategic Partnerships

Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

350 E. Erie Avenue

Philadelphia, PA  19134

Phone: 267.463.2312

Fax: 215.426.5848