Pennsylvania SPCA License Plates


Thanks to PennDOT, the Pennsylvania SPCA has its very own specialty license plate! It’s a great way to show your support of the Pennsylvania SPCA’s mission of preventing cruelty to animals.

To order a plate:  Download, fill-out, and mail the following application along with a $24 check made payable to the Pennsylvania SPCA (donations in addition to the $24 PennDOT fee are appreciated!).  We collect the applications and then send them to PennDOT.  You will receive your license plate in the mail in approximately one month!

**Please note - There are some restrictions on what kind of vehicles are approved for specialty plates.  From PennDOT’s website: “Special Organization plates are currently available for passenger cars, motor homes and trucks with a registered gross weight of 10,000 pounds or less. Specialty Plates are not available for motorcycles and trailers.”

PSPCA Specialty License Plate Application (PDF)

Address to mail application and check to:
The Pennsylvania SPCA
350 E. Erie Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Questions?  Please contact Amanda Cameron at

Here’s an exmple of what your plate will look like!