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Featured Pets

Piazza Pet of the Week: Hope

Hope is a 4 and a half year old black lab who was brought in by our humane law enforcement officers due to cruelty/neglect. She was adopted and returned because she “plays rough”. Weighing in at 54 pounds, she’s bound to knock something over. She knows...
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Piazza Pet: Princess Lilly!

Princess Lillly is an adult Black Labrador Retriever mix who loves to play catch and fetch. See Lily in action and watch this video! This friendly girl likes adults and children and will warm your heart no matter your age. Please come to the SPCA animal shelter on Erie Avenue to...
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Piazza Pet of the Week: Daisey is a Charmer!

Daisey is an adult black Labrador Retriever mix and the Piazza Pet of the Week. She has sweet eyes and a sleek black coat with an adorable graying muzzle. She is laid-back, calm and affectionate. If are looking for a companion to relax with, Daisey may just be the gal for you!...
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Piazza Pets Tommy and Phil are waiting for you to take them home!

These cuties are 2 of our adoptable guinea pigs and are eager to find their forever home. They love socializing with each other but they long to interact with human friends as well! Their cute little chirps and adorable noses are sure to bring you many smiles! Please adopt Tommy...
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Piazza Pet of the Week: Gorgeous Twilight

Meet Twilight, a beautiful 2-year-old cat with the sleekest black fur and sweetest purr! This gal is affectionate and loves to nuzzle in the crook of your neck. She loves people and gets along well with other cats, too! She’s a curious creature and loves to watch people and...
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Piazza Pet of the Week: Adorable Argos

Argos is an adorable 1-year-old black and white Chihuahua who is eager to meet his forever family! He has the cutest wiggly tail and is always curious about his surroundings. He wants to go with you on long walks and then cuddle his heart out! This tiny pup will be a great pet...
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Piazza Pet Sherman is a shelter sweetheart!

Sherman is an adult Beagle/Pit Bull mix with a sweet disposition and loving eyes.  He is affectionate and likes to cuddle up with everyone. He even seems to get along well with other animals, so he will make a great family companion! Please visit Sherman today! Learn more by...
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Piazza Pet of the Week: Friendly Dog “Frosty”

Frosty is a friendly, affectionate white Pit Bull Terrier mix who is eager to make someone very happy with kisses and tail wags! He is gentle and loves to be petted. You can meet him today by visiting our Erie Avenue shelter in Philadelphia.  Ask one of our Lifesaving Counselors...
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Piazza Pet of the Week: Heidi, the hugger!

Heidi, this adorable 5-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix visited Chris Stigall and the WPHT morning show today. She was featured on the show as the Piazza Pet of the Week. Heidi is a sweet dog who likes affection including hugs and cuddles. She would like to live with just grown ups...
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Piazza Pet Gloria: adopted thanks to Piazza Auto Group!

If you are looking for a young dog who is already trained, meet Gloria. She is a Pitbull Terrier mix who knows rollover, “crate”, find it, sit, down, and stay/wait commands. This smart girl will show you her skills when you reward her with treats. High in energy and...
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